Welcome to K.R.A.P Studios

You're probably wondering what the heck K.R.A.P Studios is.  Well it's the Barrel Brothers modest version of Hollywood, I guess. Give us a video camera, a CD player, a box full of props and our gang's fertile imagination and you'll get some wacky home movies that will make you laugh until you cry. It all started many years ago with a 40th Birthday Tribute to Andy and has taken off since then with many other Birthday Tributes. The main correspondents of K.R.A.P Studios are pictured below and in the background you hear one of our signature musical clips; the final fanfare from "The March of the Steelmen", which Art & Elof have used in many a K.R.A.P Tribute.
K.R.A.P founder and Barrel Historian, Art Kitchkay (Riko) has been the guiding force in many K.R.A.P extravaganzas. His sidekick and close friend, foreign correspondent Elof Hylm of Boslovia, (Andy) has brought his European flair to the proceedings at K.R.A.P Studios. It's hard to describe a K.R.A.P film other than once you see one, you'll know why this is such a special part of the Barrel Brother Legacy and this web-site. So... what better way to show off the mighty K.R.A.P cast than to provide a few of our funniest clips for your amusement!  Hopefully you'll enjoy the craziness as much as we enjoy making these video tributes.

If you click on one of the "highlight" images below it will trigger a link and the video clip will open in your multi-media viewer, usually Windows Media Player or Quick Time. These clips are about 1.5 MB, so they may take a little time to load, but believe me they're worth it. When the clip is finished, just close the viewer and select another "highlight".  Click on the Barrel Crest below to return to the main menu when finished.