Welcome, to our world on the Internet!  This site is devoted to one wonderful concept that has been the Barrel Brothers anthem :  A toast to good times, and great friends!  We've been together enjoying life and celebrating friendship that has stood the test of time through good times and bad for over 40 years. Inside our website you'll find a menu that will take you to the various "wings" of our internet home.  Some pages look back on our past recalling those days gone by but not forgotten. Other areas are dedicate to many of our favorite past times and contain slideshows and video clips for your enjoymentBe sure and read the scrolling marquee when you enter the main hallway as it lists features you won't want to miss.  So kick back, get comfortable, grab a cold brew and come inside!
Come join us on our journey!  Click on our crest below and enter our site to find out what the Barrel Brothers are all about and discover our rich history.    

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